Plant & Works Engineering
Fundamental design considerations for CHP specification
Published:  24 October, 2014

shenton_combined-heat-and-power-535x324.jpgSHENTON GROUP says the relationship between thermal and electrical demand is key to the correct design and specification of a CHP system. A commercially sound operating strategy should be based around the spark gap or rate.

A mechanically sound operating strategy should take into account the facility infrastructure, and the relationship of the CHP system with both the Building Management System (BMS) and boilers. More than 90% of operational shutdowns or failures of CHP plant are said to be caused by bad control strategy or errors in the surrounding systems. The efficiency of a CHP system will become irrelevant if the design and installation does not outline the correct relationship with the facilities existing boilers and BMS. A CHP system is in effect a power supply connected to the national grid.


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