Plant & Works Engineering
Pumping up the pressure
Published:  30 September, 2014

wanner_international.jpgFollowing extensive on-site testing, it is reported that HYDRA-CELL G04 pumps have now been uprated to 200 Bar when operated at a reduced speed and with a commensurate reduction on flow rate.

The pumps are now rated at 5.65 litres per minute at 200 bar pressure and 11.3 litres per minute at 170 bar. “This represents a not insubstantial increase of 17.6% in the pump’s pressure capability but importantly, now enables us to offer a 200 bar pump in those instances where only pumps with a 200 bar capability will be considered,” said Nick Herrington, Wanner International marketing and technical support manager. Capable of pumping both hot and cold liquids, in a wide range of viscosities, Hydra-Cell pumps are said to be characterised by their complete lack of dynamic seals.

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