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Explosion proof moisture transmitter
Published:  13 June, 2014

EA_PROXP_Front.jpg MICHELL INSTRUMENTS has announced the launch of the latest  addition to its Easidew range of dew-point transmitters: the Easidew PRO XP. Michell says this explosion-proof moisture transmitter has been  introduced to meet the requirements of markets where explosion-proof or flame-proof rather than intrinsically-safe certification is needed.

 The transmitter is housed in a tough, explosion-proof casing, which is rated to IP66/NEMA 4. The instrument is certified for ATEX, CSA and IECEx – reported to make it acceptable in hazardous areas world-wide and it is capable of measuring moisture in both gases and liquids. This versatility is said to make it an ideal option for systems integrators as they only need to stock one moisture meter or hygrometer for all moisture measurement applications in hazardous areas.

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