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Heating system rental service
Published:  04 June, 2014

Babcock_image_TPC.jpgIndustrial process heating specialist BABCOCK WANSONUKhas announced a new thermal fluid heating system rental service.  The company says this new rental service, which can provide up to 900kW of energy to a process, will enable customers to trial a thermal fluid heater for a fixed time at a fixed rental price.

Babcock Wanson UK MDChrisHorsley explains the thinking behind the new rental option: “For most organisations, changing to a new process heating solution is a major commitment and, once done, can’t be easily changed.  But what if you could try out that heater on your own premises, as part of your process development, without having to commit to using it permanently?  It would enable you to test and prove the heat source to ensure it is suitable for your specific process.”

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