Plant & Works Engineering
Valves and positioners
Published:  28 March, 2014

ABCD.pngChallenging fluids handling applications, such as those in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries where systems are required to operate under severe operating conditions,

are said to be ideal situations for SAMSON CONTROLS’ Type 3291 valve, Type 3730-6 valve positioners. The company says these well established, field-proven devices have recently been enhanced to include the benefits of the proven V-port plug and clamped-in seat features along with smooth interior valve surfac

This modular valve and positioner package is extremely versatile and is designed for easy servicing as it can be disassembled and assembled using standard tools.  es which help to prevent the build-up of deposits and therefore reduce the potential for the valves to be affected by clogging.

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