Plant & Works Engineering
More care required
Published:  26 February, 2014

norbarVibrationWhiteFinger20PRelease_Sml20Oct07.jpg NORBAR has warned that care is needed in the choice of tools to prevent vibration white finger (VWF). Commercial vehicle operators and power tool purchasers are reported to be largely unaware of the potential personal injury risks regarding the use of impact guns as a bolting device.

If impact has to be used, Norbar recommends it is used sparingly and only to tighten bolts to a specific point well below the required final torque, beyond that a properly calibrated torque wrench should be used.. Workers are at risk as VWF can afflict anyone using vibrating tools, even for short periods, so though purchasers of power tools initially look for the less costly option, Norbar says this does not always ‘pay off’ in the long term.

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