Plant & Works Engineering
High Pressure Cooling
Published:  26 February, 2014

Hydra-Cell high-pressure coolant pumps are claimed to provide long life durability, unmatched by other pump technologies.

High pressure coolant delivery (up to 170 Bar) has many benefits in terms of metal cutting efficiency. It can offer dramatic reductions in cycle time of up to 70% while improving the quality of surface finish, extending the life of tooling and inserts, and enhancing chip control.

Many pump types offer the pressures and flows required for high pressure coolant delivery but few claim the reliability performance of Hydra-Cell hydraulically balanced diaphragm pumps.

Hydra-Cell pumps are designed to operate under severe conditions and handle fines over 500 mµ in diameter, removing the need for expensive fine filtration. Fines between 10 & 50µm in diameter can cause severe damage to screw pumps.

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