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Mobile membrane degasser
Published:  26 February, 2014

VEOLIA WATER SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES has unveiled the latest addition to its Aquamove fleet of mobile water treatment solutions. REMOX is a membrane degasser which removes carbon dioxide and oxygen from water. Reported to be the first membrane degasser available on the rental market, REMOX is housed in a fully air-conditioned standard 40ft container complete with all necessary compressed air, nitrogen and vacuum equipment. With two streams of membrane modules, REMOX can treat up to 100m3/h of water to less than 0.3mg/l dissolved carbon dioxide and up to 75m3/h to less than 0.01mg/l dissolved oxygen.

Among the many applications for REMOX are deaeration of boiler feedwater to reduce corrosion, degassing of semiconductor rinse water to reduce wafer surface defects and to improve the shelf life and taste of food and beverage products. Additionally, ion exchange deionisation and continuous electrodeionisation processes operate much more efficiently if dissolved carbon dioxide is removed upstream.

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