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Reducing the cost of machine failure
Published:  24 February, 2014

CDautomationA011_-_REVO_HP_-_HN.jpgIn a drive to reduce the rising cost of machine failure, CD AUTOMATION  UK, manufacturer and supplier of power control products, has announced a further enhancement of its smart thyristor range.

Developed with feedback from customers, the new REVO HP continuously monitors itself, raising an alarm in the event of critical fault conditions. The company says the new product will find a home in high power applications such as industrial heat treatment, power stations and marine work, and in the oil and gas sectors, particularly off-shore oil platforms.

The powerful control of the REVO HP minimises the damage caused by machine failure. This is achieved using the newly developed Dynamic Thyristor Diagnostic (DTD) programme, which monitors the unit and the load on it, in real-time.

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