Plant & Works Engineering
Standalone temperature transmitter
Published:  24 February, 2014

abb.jpgABB has developed a standalone, self-powered temperature transmitter with WirelessHART, offering a cost effective and maintenance-free alternative to wired or battery-powered devices.Wireless instruments can offer the ideal solution wherever it may be costly or impractical to run cabling.

Battery-powered WirelessHART technology allows for quick and simple instrument installation to allow operators to monitor new process information to improve plant visibility. However, the battery will eventually need replacing, incurring time and cost. Battery life can be prolonged but only by slowing down the data transfer rate, affecting the instrument’s response time.

These challenges are said to be overcome by ABB’s self-powered temperature transmitter. Featuring a built-in thermoelectric generator (TEG), the device uses the Seebeck Effect to harvest electrical energy from thermal energy.

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