Plant & Works Engineering
Advanced performance
Published:  24 February, 2014

enersys.jpgCleaning machine operators and OEMs can achieve significant operational benefits and cost savings with reduced CO2 emissions by specifying Hawker XFC, powerbloc or powerbloc dry batteries from ENERSYS in their sweepers, scrubber driers and other floorcare equipment.

The Hawker XFC battery is said to be ideal for applications involving opportunity or daytime cleaning. The company says it can be recharged very quickly and for short periods whenever required, such as during breaks or while users carry out other tasks, without affecting its life-time performance. This can help maintain machine availability throughout the shift while additional costs associated with spare batteries and changing facilities are avoided. Minimum gassing ensures Hawker XFC batteries can be used in retail areas, public spaces and sensitive locations. It is virtually maintenance free and no water topping-up is necessary.

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