Plant & Works Engineering
Metal cored welding wire
Published:  24 February, 2014

ESAB's Coreweld 46 LS metal cored welding wire is designed for high speed thin plate welding to a minimum thickness of 1.0 mm. It is reported to out perform solid MAG welding wire in terms of both the quality of weld produced and productivity. Coreweld 46 LS can ensure major reductions in welding costs with both mechanised and robotic welding and fabrication processes.

Coreweld 46 LS is also said to perform excellently in the manual welding of thicker plates. The company says the wide operating parameter box is a positive advantage for welders making it easy for them to control the welding arc and produce welds with perfect profiles. Safe and spatter free re-striking also make life easier for the manual welder.

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