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Balancing safety and efficiency

Companies are increasingly committed to ensuring employee safety in dangerous environments like loading and unloading areas. However, with staff shortages and rising demand for faster fulfilment, safety pledges risk being compromised for operational efficiency. As employee expectations evolve, creating a safety-first culture is essential for safeguarding well-being, as Wouter Satijn, Sales Director at Joloda Hydraroll, explains

World’s ‘best of the best’ in health, safety and wellbeing recognised

British Safety Council held its annual Gala Dinner on 7 June to celebrate the winners of its International Safety Awards (ISAs) 2024 at the Intercontinental London Park Lane hotel in London. This is the 66th year the awards have taken place and the 64th year of a gala dinner.

Navigating safety and efficiency: The dual challenge for companies in loading and unloading environments

In environments like loading and unloading areas, where safety is paramount, companies face a dual challenge of meeting operational demands while ensuring employee well-being. Despite regulatory pressure and evolving expectations, the persistence of manual processes raises critical questions about the sustainability of current safety measures in the face of increasing operational pressures and employee shortages. Wouter Satijn, Sales Director, Joloda Hydraroll, explains further.

ATEX compliance keeps combustible dust explosions at bay

Melina Diaz, Product Engineering Manager at Donaldson, outlines the steps required to comply with legislation designed to ensure workplaces are optimally placed to minimise the possibility of combustible dust creating an explosion risk.

Employers must provide equity of support to employees

As the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is to ‘inspire inclusion’, Towergate Health & Protection is reminding employers of the importance of providing female employees with equal, adequate, and appropriate support. Three of Towergate Health & Protection’s inspirational women have provided their thoughts regarding changes needed relating to health and wellbeing support in the workplace.

Partnership to provide manufacturers with state-of-the-art health & safety technology

Make UK, one of the country’s leading business organisations, has announced it has partnered with Peoplesafe, a personal safety technology leader, to protect the manufacturing industry’s workers.

Safety webinar series updated for 2024

Pilz Automation Technology has announced it is continuing its series of free Machinery Safety webinars throughout 2024, with some new additions to the schedule.

British Safety Council publishes introductory guide for employers

Most e-bikes are powered by Lithium Ion (Li-on) batteries, larger versions of the kind found in smartphones, tablets, and some laptops.

The need for facility checks in proactive maintenance

Dave Dyer, technical sales engineer at thermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer, explains how manufacturers can make changes around the facility to improve the productivity of their heat transfer system and better prepare for incidents that could lead to health and safety risks or costly downtime.

Enhancing safety on nuclear sites

It has been announced that drone pilots have successfully completed two flight firsts on a UK nuclear site leading the way to increased safety of employees during decommissioning.

Do we have to put up with vibration from plant equipment?

Whether we’re in a residential or an industrial setting, we’ve all encountered situations where we’re forced to put up with noise disturbance from a pump, pipe or fan, but should we have to? Adam Fox, director at vibration control specialist Mason UK, explains why simply following the available guidance should eliminate this all-too-common problem.

2022 Europe Protection Innovation Award Winners announced

DuPont Personal Protection has announced the winners of its Protection Innovation Award (formerly Kevlar Innovation Award) for the European region.

Safety, ethics and sustainability accreditation

CKF Systems, a leading UK automation systems integrator, has been part of the Alcumus SafeContractor scheme since its inception in May 2009 and says this demonstrates its unwavering commitment to health and safety.

PCB Design and assembly agreement

Offshore Electronics has announced it will provide design for manufacture support and PCB assembly services to Fireco, a supplier and manufacturer of fire door compliance devices and solutions. The move consolidates much of Fireco’s PCBA procurement, with the company having used several suppliers prior to signing its new contract with the Guernsey-based CEM.

Six steps to happier feet in the workplace

Alex Minett, Head of Products & Markets at CHAS, looks at what employers and employees need to consider to protect feet at work.

Protecting lone workers – is your manufacturing process up to scratch?

Across many manufacturing and production sites there is often a need for employees to work alone. Chris Potts, Marketing Director, ANT Telecom explains the important role that effective communication plays, and about how to put in place a robust supporting process, which can aid when a major incident occurs, such as, when a lone worker falls from height or tumbles downstairs in a remote location and is rendered unconscious

Code Purple! Pressure is on to boost cleaning safety

The Water Jetting Association is about to launch a new code of practice for pressure washing. WJA president John Jones explains why it’s urgently needed.

Cutting through the noise

Neal Muggleton from acoustic experts Minuendo considers how a smarter approach to hearing loss prevention could eradicate incidences of NIHL at work.

Sharpening worker protection against cuts and punctures

Protecting a worker’s hands against cut injuries is paramount. Joel Denardis* looks at how cut-resistant engineered yarns are evolving to address today’s challenges.

Stay on top of ever-changing risk management standards

CHAS is the UK’s leading accreditation scheme, dedicated to helping your business assess risk and demonstrate that you meet the latest health and safety requirements. CHAS accreditation allows you to prequalify for jobs across multiple sectors and connect with over 2,000 clients, with packages to suit your business that start from just £279.

Is cloud technology the future for noise measurement?

We’ve seen some of the fastest changes in technology in the last two years. Could the traditional way we measure and monitor noise be about to change forever too? Cirrus Research discusses the benefits cloud technology offers to noise measurement

Sound level meter apps

There has been a growing awareness of the availability and application of sound level meter apps providing noise measurement functions. Clarke Roberts* explains further.

Choosing the correct footwear

Keypoint says: choosing the correct footwear is fundamental to your general feeling of wellbeing. Think of shoes as the foundations of your body. If the foundations don't support you properly, it puts more pressure on other areas of the body like your knees, hips, and lower back.

Ensuring cobot safety

Collaborative robots are designed to operate safely alongside humans, but there are still precautions and procedures that you need to implement to minimise risks. Peter Lange* explains.

Understanding fire doors and shutter safety regulations

Melanie Rosby* examines the regulations and requirements around fire doors and shutter safety so you can make sure your building is safe.

The importance of wearer trials when purchasing arc flash PPE

In a heavily regulated world where garments have to be tested to high standards, purchasing decisions around PPE are often based on test results alone. While protection has to be the number one consideration when specifying PPE, comfort should not be overlooked. If PPE isn’t comfortable it can result in the wearer compromising their safety.

Electrical fires: The danger no organisation can afford to ignore

Of all the risks that face modern commercial buildings, electrical fires are one of the most common and damaging. Fire endangers health, property and the business itself – with 25% of businesses who suffer a fire never reopening. Stewart Gregory* reports.

Keep plants secure in an era of threats

In the fourth panel discussion in our Talking Industry series, three experts on plant safety and security got together to discuss the latest thinking on these topics. Andy Pye, consultant editor of PWE, who chaired the session, reports on some of the highlights of the lively discussion.

Keeping noise under control

Noise in the workplace poses significant risks to people’s hearing. Without the right tools and equipment to understand noise levels in your workplace, you could be leaving employees open to suffering from hearing loss. PWE’s Andy Pye reports.

Ditching dirt – addressing the challenges of industrial cleaning

Across Great Britain in 2019 there was an 85,000 work related ill health cases in the manufacturing industry1. With increased focus on safety and environmental performance even small changes can yield big health and safety benefits. Günes Yenen* looks at the options available to minimise risk to health and safety from slips and spillages.

COVID-19: Enhancing workplace safety

Matthew Marriott* looks at how electronic security can enhance workplace safety during the pandemic.

Don’t be floored by flooring!

We all know how easy it is to lose our footing, catch our foot in something or fall off a ladder. But when it happens at work, it’s a whole different ball game. Andy Pye explains

Airborne hazards in the factory - more than COVID-19

With many factories being redesigned to be COVID-safe, staff returning to work, and with some key staff still not in post, it is easy to lose focus on some of the other airborne hazards lurking in factory environments, which are as dangerous as ever. Andy Pye looks at a few of these.

Providing support and advice to organisations impacted by COVID-19

All organisations have been impacted by COVID-19. Many are fighting for survival. Alcumus is supporting the ‘Going The Distance’ campaign to provide help and guidance where needed. Whether that is increasing your presence to win new commercial contracts through SafeContractor, or to offer support and care for your staff through these uncertain times with PSM.

Hard of hearing struggle with face masks

Wearing a face mask has become a part of everyday life during the pandemic, but it's posing communication problems for the hard of hearing. PWE reports.

Sanitising is the new normal!

PWE spoke to Steve Smith, director, Hi-line Industries Ltd, about how his company went from developing an unbranded sanitising product which was initially used to protect his own staff from COVID-19 to the branded Hi-Kleen and then to an aerosol he could leave behind with his customers, and finally to an established product which now forms a strong part of his business.

Forklift manufacturer develops ventilator splitter device to help with COVID-19 response efforts

The Irish manufacturer Combilift, best known for its range of space-saving forklifts and other handling solutions, has drawn on its expertise in engineering and software design to develop the Combi-Ventilate, a splitter device which turns one ventilator into multiple ventilation stations.

How to select the most suitable safety eyewear?

Workplace risk is an acknowledged reality but the implementation of a well thought through safety policy will significantly reduce such risk. Our eyesight is precious and demands the selection and provision of high-quality safety eyewear which not only ‘protects’ but which enhances wearer compliance due to excellent comfort and fit features. It’s clear that high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) can significantly reduce the high real cost of personal injury (productivity, litigation and income) while enabling more people to return to their families safe and sound. Clair Weston, marketing manager at UVEX, reports

Purchasing PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic

UK safety company Arco, has launched a series of expert advice sheets to help PPE purchasers understand the recent changes to regulations and to ensure that any purchased item is genuine and compliant.

How to avoid contaminated breathing air in the workplace

Andy Lill, business development manager for quality air at Atlas Copco, highlights the hazards of contaminated workplace breathing air, the role of compressed air purification as a safe alternative, and the need for employers’ compliance with a wide range of standards and regulations.

How IIoT technology can help H&S

Serious workplace injuries cost US manufacturers more than $7 billion each year, according to Liberty Mutual’s 2019 Workplace Safety Index. Overexertion, falls, collisions with equipment, getting caught in equipment and repetitive motion injuries are the most common reasons that workers in this sector miss 5 or more days of work. Sam Cece, founder, president, & CEO of Swift Sensors, reports.

Inrush current - a hidden safety problem

Alarm sounders and sounder beacons are safety-critical notification devices present in building procedures and manufacturing processes across the globe, so you need to be aware that there is a hidden issue that could cause problems resulting in unwanted plant downtime. James Morgan, product manager at Eaton, takes a closer look at how to mitigate or prevent the effects of inrush current.

Preventing needless injuries

There are an estimated 100,000 needlestick or sharps injuries in the UK every year, with many more taking place but not being reported. Cuts and lacerations from blades, saws, materials or machinery are also one of the most common workplace injuries and inadequate hand protection can be a factor in many of these accidents. PWE reports.

Cutting corners can affect safety

As a millwright, service technician or any type of field or in-house mechanic, we understand there is one main goal that we have in common, which is to keep the equipment running. This includes repairing and minimising downtime in the event of an unpredicted failure or breakdown. James Pekarek

A five-step plan to workplace eye health

Looking after employees’ sight can be one of the most cost-effective and beneficial ways an employer is able to support health and wellbeing in the workplace. Jim Lythgow, director of strategic alliances at Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, highlights a five-step plan to explain the simple ways in which workplace eye care can help to look after the health of employees’ eyes.

Building your safety strategy

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of industrial obsolete parts supplier, EU Automation, explains what goes into making a workplace safety strategy.

Done and dusted

Dave Bigham, director of global training initiatives at surface preparation equipment specialist National Flooring Equipment, discusses the importance of dust collection for manufacturers.

Three steps to machine safety

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at EU Automation, shares his three tips for machine safety.

Don't be shortsighted with eyecare

New research from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare reveals that over half (54%) of employers still provide safety over-goggles to those who wear everyday glasses. PWE reports.

Are you ISO 45001 ready?

Published on 15th March 2018, ISO 45001:2018 constitutes the world’s first occupational health and safety international standard. Businesses are being urged to take up the mantel and ensure they are ‘ISO 45001 compliant’ ahead of time in order to help improve standards for all.