Plant & Works Engineering
Prolonging electrical equipment life

quartzteq.jpgQUARTZELEC says all high voltage electrical machinery will exhibit partial discharge, even from new, however, around two-thirds of all unplanned outages, subsequent production loss and significant equipment damage can be attributed to related stator winding insulation failure. Lifeview is reported to be the latest, totally flexible, 'state-of-the-art' real-time solution from Quartzelec subsidiary Quartzteq, that monitors the health of electrical assets and partial discharge on a host of rotating machines.

Bespoke machinery improving efficiency

granta_177168335.jpgGRANTA reports many of its customers have been surprised to find that bespoke automated machinery is often cheaper than factory produced machinery that is already available on the market. The company says factory produced machinery often only performs some, not all of the tasks needed, resulting in multiple machines having to be purchased; also standard machinery often has costly unnecessary features.

Keeping interlocks working

DustPlug.jpgSMITH FLOW CONTROL reports it has developed a range of dust plugs and vinyl bags to keep interlocks free from the worst of the elements, even in the most hostile environments.

International service and system support

Rittal_Service_2.jpgConsisting of products, engineering tools and customer support, ‘Rittal – The System’ is completed with Rittal International Service. RITTAL says a total of 64 subsidiaries, more than 150 service partners and over 1,000 service technicians guarantee a local service and fast response times.

First class service

Bsria_Instruments.jpgBSRIA member Klimatec who specialises in the installation, service and maintenance of all types of air conditioning systems, has purchased 11 Testo 557-3 manifold kits from BSRIA Instrument Solutions.

£80,000 investment at lubricants blending plant

Q8_182_Q8Oils_Tank_Farm_Control_Display.jpgTo cater for increasing product demand and changes to its European manufacturing strategy, Q8Oils reports it has completed an £80,000 investment at its lubricants blending plant in Leeds.The work included tank conversions and new calibration equipment to increase flexibility in its bulk storage and provide additional capacity.

New threadlocking sticks

henkel.jpgThe self-loosening of threaded fasteners can be a leading cause of catastrophic failure in industrial machinery so maintaining appropriate clamping forces is an important element in their effectiveness. HENKEL says its LOCTITE anaerobic threadlockers have proved to be an excellent method of keeping fasteners firmly in place and there is a wide range available to choose from.

Breather prevents gearbox damage

Sentinel_Breathers.jpgBROWNELL has added the Brownell Sentinel Reservoir Breather to the company’s range of vent dryer products, designed to protect reservoirs, fluid storage, hydraulic accumulators, gearboxes and transmission drives from the deteriorating effects of high humidity and water vapour condensation.

Filtration Solution

nilfisk.jpgNILFISK-CFM has launched InfiniClean, an automatic filter cleaning system predominantly for 24/7 continuous duty applications. The system requires no additional power source or operator involvement said to make it ideal for the pharmaceutical and food industry amongst other industrial processes.

Product selector tool

armacell.jpgThermal and acoustic insulation manufacturer ARMACELL has developed a new product selector website and app to help contractors and mechanical services engineers choose the right technical insulation solution depending on the different application parameters they select. The tool features a series of yes or no questions that funnels down the list of suitable Armacell products for the application depending on the answers given.

Vibration checker

ACE_VibroChecker-composing.jpg ACE has developed a free app for the iPhone that measures vibration and then offers a selection of vibration isolation products.

Temperature monitoring system

raytek.jpgRAYTEK has introduced a new generation of the CS210 system for non-contact temperature measurement and monitoring of rotary kiln shells.

Investment in cleaning system

BVC_Bakery_invest_in_cleaning_system_Page_1_Image_0001.jpgAn East Midlands bakery has invested in a centralised vacuum cleaning system designed and manufactured by BVC.

Test and measurement range

FlirTM_group41.jpgFLIR says its thermal imaging cameras are now tools of the trade, everyday instruments for fast and cost-effective fault finding and the company says it is this change of emphasis that has prompted it to broaden the scope of its product range.

Re-design of hoists

jd_neuhaus.jpgAs a completion of the re-design project for the Profi range of air operated hoists, the J D NEUHAUS company has launched its new Profi 75 TI and Profi 100 TI hoists, offering SWL capacities of 75 and 100 tonnes respectively.

Cutting fluid

Q8_oils.jpgQ8 Baroni XGPH from Q8OILS is a low-foaming, hard-water-stable cutting fluid reported to be suitable for multi-purpose machining.

Pneumatic power tools

flowtechnology.jpgAs an integral part of its on-going exclusive brand development programme, FLOWTECHNOLOGY UK has launched AEROPRO; a new range of pneumatic power tools available to the UK market.

New PC enclosure

RITTAL says its new PC enclosure now has even greater security with integrally moulded side panels and roof, internally glazed door and lockable keyboard drawer providing increased protection against unauthorised access.

Prime Minister visits factory

Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently visited the PORTAKABIN manufacturing centre and international headquarters in York and welcomed the Group’s announcement that it is expanding its operations in Europe with plans to open its first hire and visitor centres in Luxembourg and in Toulouse in the south west of France.

Social media opportunities

With Facebook reaching over one billion registered users and LinkedIn an established and valuable resource for business oriented networking, A-GAS is now keeping users and potential customers up to-date using these channels

10 Point calibration promise

CASTLE GROUP LTD has launched a new calibration and repair service based on its 10-point promise, in which the company pledges not to charge for inspection and offers the fastest possible turnaround it can manage. With over 40 years’ experience under its belt with a wide range of instruments, the company says it is well placed to back up the offer with technical credibility.

Reducing oil usage

GKN Land Systems lubricates the disks for about 1,500 tractor wheels a month. It hopes to reduce its oil usage by 50% and improve safety by eliminating the risk from spillage by switching from a manual, brush-applied lubrication method to a more accurate spray.xactbar-mounted system, developed and supplied by TECHNOTRANS.

New appointments

AUTOCODING SYSTEMS, software specialist in packaging device automation and data integrity, has announced the appointment of two new business development managers; Barry Long and Akshay Intwala.

High-temperature sensors

It is not unusual in industry for high temperatures to occur, but the automated systems have to cope. For this reason, ifm electronic, a sensor market leader recently launched a range of self-contained inductive proximity sensors capable of working up to 180°C.

Remote monitoring and reporting

KONECRANES says that standing at the forefront of its renowned service business is TRUCONNECT – an innovative remote monitoring and reporting system that has been the subject of extensive field tests. Presently available on Konecranes’ wire rope CXT and open winch SMARTON cranes, TRUCONNECT offers a number of benefits to customers by helping them optimise crane maintenance, increase operational safety and maximise usage leading to improved productivity.

Simpler installation and servicing

RITTAL’S new TopTherm fan-and-filter unit is reported to make installation and servicing simpler and quicker as mounting on the enclosure, electrical connection, reversal of the direction of airflow and replacement of the filter mat are all possible without the use of any tools.

New product catalogue

tom_parker.jpgTOM PARKER LTD a leading pneumatic and hydraulic distributor says it is excited to launch its eagerly anticipated 2014-2015 product directory. Reported to be an essential companion throughout the fluid power industry, the company says the latest edition is set to impress.

Reducing the cost of machine failure

CDautomationA011_-_REVO_HP_-_HN.jpgIn a drive to reduce the rising cost of machine failure, CD AUTOMATION  UK, manufacturer and supplier of power control products, has announced a further enhancement of its smart thyristor range.

Acoustic emission sensor

Kistler_Noise_Transducer_Type_8152C_HR.jpgThe new Type 8152C Piezotron sensor from KISTLER is said to be ideal for monitoring acoustic emissions (AE) above 50 kHz on the surface of metal machines,

Fan-and-filter units

Rittal_TopTherm_Fan_and_filters.jpgRITTAL says it can offer a more energy efficient means of ventilating enclosures by supplying electronically commutated (EC) versions of the successful TopTherm fan-and-filter unit, in all but the very smallest size.

Energy chains

Standard energy chain systems are not designed to accommodate lateral (side to side) displacements or torsional (twisting) movements in the normal course of their running operations. However, the latest System Allround energy chains from M BUTTKEREIT LTD are reported to be manufactured utilising a flexible link material, enabling varied movement possibilities without necessitating any substantial design, layout or operating alterations.

Accreditation first

KONECRANES’ UK parts operation has announced it has become the first parts distribution centre within the global Konecranes group to achieve integrated ISO quality, environmental and health and safety accreditation.

Condition monitoring made easy

MONITRAN, an industry leader in the development and manufacture of transducers, has launched the MTN/5000, said to be a cost-effective and versatile microcontroller-based condition monitoring system.The MTN/5000 can have up to 12 channels (to be specified when ordering) and features a 3.5 inch TFT touchscreen and an easy-to-navigate menu.

Production efficiency improved

Effective condensate removal has reduced tablet drying times on steam-heated ovens at Piramal Healthcare’s production site in Northumberland. Automatic pump traps from SPIRAX SARCO have proved so effective at improving temperature control and solving maintenance problems on three of the company’s ovens that Piramal plans to install them on the site’s two remaining units.

New product launched

ROEMHELD says its stand at MACH (No 5250) will be bursting with newly launched products, applications and workholding solutions: many of which are being seen in the UK for the first time. Visitors will be able to see working examples of these new products and applications and find out first hand the potential savings and increased productivity they offer.

Standalone temperature transmitter

abb.jpgABB has developed a standalone, self-powered temperature transmitter with WirelessHART, offering a cost effective and maintenance-free alternative to wired or battery-powered devices.Wireless instruments can offer the ideal solution wherever it may be costly or impractical to run cabling.

To hire or not to hire

BSRIA Instrument Solutions general manager Alan Gilbert thinks there are three questions to ask before deciding whether to hire or buy, will the equipment have a high on-going maintenance costs, will it quickly become outdated technology and what is the frequency of use.

Quick connect option

michell_instruments.jpgMICHELL INSTRUMENTS has added a new fast connection option to its Easidew PRO I.S. dew-point transmitter said to make commissioning and maintenance in locations that are difficult to access as simple as possible – saving companies both time and money.

New catalogue

RITTAL’S new Catalogue 34 is said to be the essential product guide for industrial and IT solutions. Over 700 pages outline latest developments and act as a comprehensive information resource about available product types, sizes, specifications, software and services, as well as a source of advice and support for customers.

Safety interlock keys

SmartKey+ is an extension of SMITH FLOW CONTROL’S Key Management Systems. Key cabinets can provide a safe and visual way of storing interlock system 'initiating' keys. SmartKey+ has been developed to provide all the features of SFC’s Visual Alert Key Cabinet, along with the ability to record movements of keys in real-time, providing complete accuracy.

Thermography course

For anyone wishing to incorporate the wide-ranging benefits of thermal imaging into their working lives, the four day Level 1 Thermography course from ITC can provide an excellent foundation. It covers the basic science behind the technology and operation of a thermal imaging camera under various conditions and for different purposes. It also guides participants on how to interpret results and avoid common errors.

Improved technical properties

The new AF/Armaflex Class O brand thermal insulation, incorporating a full range of elastomeric tubes, self seal tubes, coils, tape, flat sheet, self-adhesive sheets, continuous sheet (rolls) and pre-insulated pipe supports is now available with all the products providing the same technical values for the first time.

High performance seal products

The Moontown company was established in 1996, operating as a distributor for PTFE spring energised seals, together with associated fluid sealing products. The company says it has an expanding customer base, with an established reputation for the supply of quality products, supported with technical advice gained from many years of experience of solving sealing problems associated with a wide range of applications and industries.

Upgraded cross-draught system

AIRBENCH has announced the release of a major upgrade to its VertEx modular cross-draught extraction system. VertEx is a self-contained extraction and filtration system that draws dust and fumes in through its ventilated front face, capturing them within internal panel filters, and returning clean air to the room. Multiple VertExes can be used to create large extracted booths, or single units can be used directly behind an operator to allow at-source extraction from dusty processes.

Rising to the occasion

When supplier of dry premixed ingredients to the bakery industry, Puratos, needed to further improve traceability of its products, it turned to marking & coding specialist, ALLEN CODING SYSTEMS for advice and the subsequent supply of a 53XL80 thermal transfer printer for the job.

Calculating in real time

HBM has launched the 6.42 version of its Perception software featuring real time calculation of various values such as current and voltage that need to be measured and evaluated. Millions of measurement data may need to be acquired, stored and visualised every second during efficiency and safety tests in the aviation sector or while evaluating electric motors in the automotive sector.

Portal software and app

The multifunctional I/O modules from CONTA-CLIP’s GSM-PRO series can be monitored and controlled using a portal software for PCs or a smartphone app. The modules send text messages or emails to signal input statuses. The outputs can be switched via text message or call.

Plant tracking unit TM470R is a ruggedised real-time GPS tracking system designed for stolen assets tracking of plant and agriculture machinery. It features the latest GPS and GSM technology that is said to give increased tracking sensitivity and fast wireless communication anywhere in the world.

Royal visit

WINN & COALES INTERNATIONAL LTD, specialist ‘Denso’ anti-corrosion and sealing product manufacturer based in West Norwood,London, celebrated its 130th Anniversary with a visit by HRH The Duke of York in October.

20 year pump project

When a number of MONO pumps were switched off recently, it marked the end of a 20-year operation to preserve the remains of an historic Tudor warship, the Mary Rose. The progressing cavity pumps from Mono have been used to help spray the fragile timbers of the Mary Rose with a mixture of water and wax – a crucial stage in the preservation process which has now come to an end.