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Motor Driven Systems Conference hits the Road in 2013

Published:  30 May, 2013

The Motor Driven Systems (MDS) Conference takes to the road in 2013 with a series of regional events aimed at helping industry professionals generate huge savings from motor driven apparatus - pumps, fans and compressors. The event is supported by Plant & Works Engineering magazine as an official media partner.

Now in its third year, MDS continues to break new ground by assembling some of the world’s most qualified experts to highlight the importance of adopting a systems approach to motor driven systems for optimum energy efficiency.
Covering key areas of Regulation, Systems Engineering and Product Technology, MDS focuses on real life examples of how industry and commerce are delivering huge financial savings through the application of 'energy efficient motor driven systems'. Plant managers, engineering staff and financial heads within end-user organisations find enormous value in learning how others are developing increased efficiencies across their operations, a theme that will form an important part of the 2013 Roadshow.
Each regional conference includes key representatives from UK government, end-user organisations, product manufacturers and technical experts, each expressing their views on the impact of electrical motor systems on energy and the environment.  This year, in addition to our ‘founding five stakeholders’, we are delighted to have the support of the IET and EEF who will be helping to promote each event in the series to their respective memberships.

The MDS 2013 Roadshow will be stopping in:
Scotland, Wednesday, 9th October – Broxburn
North, Wednesday, 23rd October – Rotherham
Midlands, Tuesday, 5th November - Redditch
South East, Wednesday, 20th November – Hatfield
South West, Wednesday, 4th December - Bristol

To submit papers for presentation at each of the five events, please send a one-page abstract to the event organiser at

For further information on the MDS 2013 series of events, please visit the website at: