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Mobile dock lifts provide

Published:  28 February, 2007

Custom-built mobile dock lifts from Transdek are providing Clares Merchandise Handling Equipment Ltd with a cost-effective means of unloading new roll cages from trailers without tail-lifts at two Tesco distribution centres.

Clares MHE is the UK’s biggest supplier of merchandise equipment such as roll cages, baskets and supermarket trolleys, selling over 250,000 units a year worldwide.   Roll cages are delivered from its factory in Somerset to sections of the Tesco DCs at Daventry and Chesterfield without loading docks, so equipment is needed to lower deliveries to ground level.  However, any equipment used must not obstruct Tesco’s own delivery activities.

To meet these requirements, Transdek has manufactured two mobile lifting platforms with a load capacity of 2.25t that can be easily wheeled away from the warehouse doors when not in use. Standard equipment was re-designed to give an extended lift height of 2.1m and working platforms measuring 2090mm x 3100mm to increase the number of cages that could be unloaded at a time.  The ramps leading on to the platforms were also elongated for easier access.

The dock lifts are powered by on-board 24V rechargeable batteries.  Interlocking straps increase safety by preventing access beneath the platform when it is raised.