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Warehouse safety solution

Published:  28 February, 2007

The introduction of HiLo-PSS’ Sacrificial Leg provides a cost-effective and time saving solution to the problem of repairing damaged frames. The Sacrificial Leg is a removable section, fitted to the bottom of the front upright. It can be quickly and easily replaced without dismantling the frame and more importantly removing the pallets supported by the frame. 

Damage to racking is an unavoidable consequence of forklift trucks operating within a confined area no matter how well trained the truck drivers. However, in over 90% of cases the damage is restricted to the first 1000mm of the upright frame.  Damage of uprights can lead to expensive repairs, which if neglected can result in accidents from collapsing frames and falling pallets.

HiLo-PSS’ Sacrificial Leg comprises of a rolled, hollow section with a heavy-duty base plate for transmitting the load from the upright through the floor. A length of metal in the same finish as the front upright is bolted to the Sacrificial Leg ensuring the line of the upright is continued to the floor and allowing a beam to be installed in any position. This short length forms the ‘sacrificial’ part of the upright.

Should a forklift truck damage this lower section, it can be easily replaced by removing the fixing bolts, thereby enabling a new Sacrificial Leg to be fitted in a matter of minutes.  Replacing the Sacrificial Leg can be carried out without the need to unload the rack, thereby saving time and money.

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