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Refrigeration technology range expanded

Published:  15 February, 2007

Beko’s compressed air dryer range now consists of membrane, adsorption and refrigeration technology. The latter range has recently been developed and expanded to cover many different variations.

The standard Drypoint RA dryer has an efficient aluminium combined heat exchanger which Beko says gives one of the lowest pressure drop figures on the market. Combined with the Bekomat condensate drain, this dryer represents a highly reliable and efficient solution to most compressed air drying applications up to 16 bar/7,200m3/h.

For more demanding applications, Beko offers the Drypoint RS, with stainless steel heat exchanger. This dryer offer a corrosion and contamination free solution for areas such as medical and pharmaceutical.

For tough applications such as PET bottle blowing Beko explains the RS HP dryer is the most suitable. It has a stainless steel heat exchanger, rated up to 50 bar, and complies with EC directive 97/23/CE-PED.

For use in areas with high ambient temperatures, or when there is a high inlet temperature (no after-cooler on compressor for example) Beko offers the Drypoint RA HT. This dryer features a copper tube pre-cooler and a pre- filter equipped with a super-reliable Bekomat drain.


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