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New thermographic survey and inspection company

Published:  17 September, 2009

Thermaltec Ltd is a recently formed independent company supplying thermographic surveys and inspections to commercial and industrial organisations in the UK and abroad on a 24/7 basis.The company has been formed by David Egan who has over 25 years experience in electrical, mechanical and furnace maintenance and management, predominantly in the high volume production environment of the specialist glass container sector, where thermography and predictive and preventative maintenance programmes are implemented to great effect.Thermaltec aims to specialise in the glass industry where thermal imaging has been used for some time and where thermal surveys and inspections are becoming an integral part of many glass plantsí predictive and preventative maintenance programmes. Thermal surveys or inspections can be performed at any time.  They are non-invasive and non-destructive allowing the survey or inspection to be completed while the plant and equipment is running and on load. A particularly good time is following the installation and commissioning of new or additional plant and equipment or after major remedial repairs when base line measurements can be taken and logged. They can then be referred back to during future surveys or inspections.The temperature data collected during a furnace thermal survey or inspection allows the furnace refractory wear rate to be monitored and trended and should highlight any developing faults or problem areas, assisting companies with their hot work maintenance programmes and also allowing for more precise and accurate planning of future remedial repairs and rebuilds.Following the commissioning of plant and equipment, deterioration will undoubtedly occur over a period of time and may be in many forms.  For example, in furnaces the deterioration may be refractory wear or structural damage; in electrical systems the deterioration may be loose or corroded connections and joints; and in mechanical systems the deterioration may be vibration and misalignment leading to friction and wear.These forms of deterioration are not always apparent or detected by conventional routine maintenance checks.  However, when under load, these faults can become clearly visible with the aid of thermal imaging techniques and in most cases this allows for fast, accurate and immediate temperature measurement and fault detection which in serious cases can be brought to the clientís attention immediately, allowing the necessary remedial action to take place at an early stage.The electrical and mechanical thermal surveys and inspections supplied can include virtually all aspects of a plantís utilities and production processes.The electrical surveys and inspections can include HV and LV distribution systems, transformers, control panels, boost systems, UPS systems, inverters and motors.The mechanical surveys and inspections are also extensive and can include compressors, vacuum pumps, gearboxes, pulleys, couplings and bearings.For further information please visit: