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DryLin EasyTube: the totally lubrication free compact linear module

Published:  30 June, 2009

Igus UK has unveiled a new maintenance-free linear unit for format adjustments.

DryLin EasyTube can be used for adjustment tasks up to 150 newtons in vertical applications or 500 newtons when installed horizontally. The system is temperature-resistant up to 80 degrees Celcius and has the option of a corrosion-free stainless steel leadscrew. Potential industries for this product include machine tools, food manufacturing and packaging, although many other applications are conceivable, such as camera and sensor positioning.

DryLin EasyTube is a completely lubrication-free, compact and lightweight system, consisting of just six individual parts: a leadscrew, tube, two clamping rings, an attachment flange and slide block.

The tube guides the slide block and is available in either anodized aluminium or stainless steel. The trapezoidal leadscrew and nut are integrated into the tube and so are protected against the external environmental conditions. The entire EasyTube system is kept as small as possible with this space-saving design.

With this compact, single-tube system, any applied moment is supported by the tube, and therefore a second guide shaft is not required. The slide block, moment support and leadscrew nut are made from a single moulding of the igus-developed polymer iglidur P. This material has extremely high wear resistance, low friction and minimal moisture absorption.

The two end blocks used to attach DryLin EasyTube also act as radial and axial bearings for the leadscrew. These multifunctional components are also made of lubrication-free iglidur P, which guarantees minimal wear.


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