Plant & Works Engineering

Pumps selection tool

Published:  29 June, 2009

 Being able to make the ideal pump choice to suit the needs for your specific requirements has just been made easier by the release of the latest tool from Grundfos - WinCAPS 2009 - a comprehensive UK specific CD selection tool.

This newly updated CD offers anyone who needs to specify pumps for a huge range of the different applications including: HVAC, water, fire, industrial and process applications with a tool that will provide them with much more than just the best pump for the job; but with a wide range of additional information that will prove to be invaluable. This includes performance curves, dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams, a wide range of support literature, service/spares information.

The CD is not just for choosing new pump options but will also help you select a replacement model that is both more technologically advanced as well as being more energy efficient, something that is today increasingly important in terms of minimising energy bills as well as ensuring we use our natural resources as wisely as we can. This replacement option covers both Grundfos and non-Grundfos pumps.

To sign-up for your CD log on to: and follow the online instructions.