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New condensate drain

Published:  17 June, 2009

The new BEKOMAT 33 was presented for the first time at this year's Hannover trade fair in Germany. With this new condensate drain BEKO further extends the range started with the 31 and 32 drains two years ago. BEKO says these drains have been well received by its customers, leading to demand for a larger device- hence the new 33.

All three drains in the range have the same basic concept in common: The BEKO service module. This module contains all wearing parts in a corrosion resistant housing, which is fitted in seconds - making service easy. In addition, on the 33 there is a condensate receiver tank to cater for larger condensate output, and a larger valve orifice.


When changing the service unit the condensate tank remains in place attached to the compressed air system, meaning no time consuming de-coupling of solid pipework.

Every service unit is pressure and function tested at the BEKO factory for peace of mind, and requires no electrical installation other than unplugging the electrical housing and plugging it back in again once the drain is serviced - just like plugging in an electrical item at home.


The new BEKOMAT 33 joins the other drains in the BEKO range, of which more than 1.5 million have so far been sold around the world.

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