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Flange and pedestal bearings with polymer ball bearings

Published:  16 November, 2008

The polymer bearing specialist igus has expanded their range even further by introducing lubrication-free flange and pedestal bearings with plastic ball bearings. The new "xiros" polymer ball bearings with angular compensation were developed for maintenance-free use in conveyer belts, track rollers and deflection rollers. The light, corrosion-free and anti-magnetic bearings do not need any oil or grease, and compensate alignment errors caused by deflection and/or tolerances. Potential applications include conveyer engineering, automotive parts suppliers, newspaper printers, food and drinks industries, and also the textile and glass production and stone processing.


Two material variants, carried in rigid or self aligning housings

The ball-bearing flange and pedestal bearings are available in two materials: One for the high temperature range of up to 150 C with the inner ring made of the high-performance polymer "xirodur A500" and one for normal temperatures made of the "xirodur B180". In both cases, there is a simple, rigid version available for the low cost sector where the balls run directly against the casing, as well as a version which compensates angles. In this case, the complete polymer ball bearing with an outer ring is integrated in a plastic spherical ball to compensate alignment errors and production tolerances automatically. The corrosion-free balls are made of stainless steel or glass for maximum media resistance. The casing is made of "igumid G", a particularly impact resistant, long fibre-reinforced polymer. The new bearings are available immediately ex stock in 16 varieties with an inner diameter of 10 mm. The diameters 6, 8 and 20 mm are currently being developed.