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BITA freezes membership fees for 2009

Published:  15 December, 2008

BITA, the British Industrial Truck Association has announced that its members will not face any increase in fees for the second consecutive year, with rates remaining at 2007 levels. 
James Clark, BITA Secretary General, said: "The BITA board believes this is a responsible position for a trade organisation such as ours to take in the current trading conditions. It makes sense to be pragmatic in these times. Everyone is finding it tougher than in previous years and we want to be able to help our members where we can.” 
Membership fees were last increased in January 2007, after the BITA board agreed to rise of 1.5%.

BITA membership costs will remain as follows:
1.       Truck Suppliers Group: £1,360+VAT per annum (plus variable additional percentage of annual turnover)
2.       Components & Services Group: £1,360 +VAT per annum (flat fee)
3.       Associate/affiliate members: £535+VAT per annum
BITA currently has 82 members, divided into forklift truck manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and media. All paying members will benefit from the freeze on fee rates, and membership is open to any organisation, within the four groups, which operates in the UK.

A new additional benefit to BITA members is the economic forecasting service, unveiled at the 2008 BITA AGM. Taking the form of a 'Forklift Market' report, the new service examines likely short- and medium-term developments in the industrial truck market, based on observed trends and predictions for the global economy as a whole.
Provided by Oxford Economics, whose high-quality quantitative analysis and practical, evidence-based advice helps businesses, governments and international organisations make confident decisions about tactics, strategy and policy, this exclusive new economic forecast will complement BITA"s existing and unique provision of UK industrial truck sales statistics, which are contributed by - and only made available to – members of BITA’s Truck Suppliers Group and Components and Services Group.