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Grant to develop oil analysis package

Published:  27 October, 2007

Monition Ltd has been awarded grant funding to development semi-intelligent diagnostic tools for high-precision condition monitoring of lubricating and hydraulic transmission oils.

The company has received the funds from the Grant for Research and Development scheme administered by East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA).  This discretionary grant scheme aims to help SMEs in the region to carry out research and development work which will lead to the production of technologically innovative products or processes.

Already dubbed 'Intellioil' by Monition"s Project Team, the software tools will provide a structured and cost effect method for any company to pursue PPM and CM through an intuitive, dynamic oil analysis function.

Mike Burrows, Monition’s managing director commented: "The key feature of this new analysis package is that it will allow users to use existing oil data from their own laboratory - or any lab of their choice.” He added: “The analysis package that we are developing through the Intellioil Project will have the ability to be used by clients world-wide.”

Monition says it is ideally positioned to spearhead the Intellioil project, following the company’s recent successful completion of Biomon – the European Commission-driven R&D Project into the development of Biodegradable Lubricants and Advanced Condition Monitoring protocols.

The resulting Intellioil software technology will power Monition’s new online Oil Management Diagnostics Package – an Internet-subscription service enabling clients to design, implement and measure the effectiveness of advanced techniques & strategies within their own lubrication management program. The service will increase the turnaround speed of laboratory analysis and provide client-access to live oil analysis data and report information.

The developed software diagnostic tools will possess the technical capability to process and analyse lubricant sample data to indicate machine and component condition. The diagnostic package is being designed to process the data from any fully-functioning industrial oil laboratory, based on Particle Quantification, Debris Analysis, Water Content, Viscosity, Micro Particle Examination, ICP Spectrometry, FTIR, TAN, TBN and GC test data.

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