Plant & Works Engineering

Customised solution

Published:  27 September, 2007

Stadco Cooling one of Europe's leading suppliers of standard and bespoke industrial water cooling systems has successfully completed an export order for Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies, to supply customised cooling systems for an aluminium smelter application, based is Iceland.

Ingersoll Rand"s contract with Bechtel, Canada to provide a compressed air system for the Fjaral project, Alcoas 346,000-tonne-per-year aluminium smelter on Icelands eastern coast, provided the opportunity for Stadco Cooling to supply air blast radiator systems to cool their air compressors.

The order included five sealed and closed circuit cooling systems.  Two of the systems dissipated 745,000 kcal/hr when cooling 1323 1/min water/40% propylene Glycol solution from 35.2C to 25C, in a design ambient of 15C dry bulb. The other three dissipated 1,306,470 kcal/hr when cooling 2447 1/min water/40% propylene Glycol solution from 34.6C to 25C, in a design ambient of 15C dry bulb.

As well as the air blast radiators, other constituent parts included remote control stations, centrifugal electric pumps, expansion vessels and a sophisticated pressurisation set.

Ian MacLeod, global portfolio manager, air solutions, Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies commented: "We had specific requirements which Stadco took on board and they came up with the most economical and cost effective solution.  This was matched to our specification and wasnt over-engineered which is exactly what we were looking for.