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Efficient portable transformer cooling

Published:  06 September, 2007

Unifin, supplier of cooling equipment and transformer oil pumps and valves to the Power Generation and Power Transformer industries, says the ForZair HeatSink auxiliary transformer cooler is a portable and highly efficient cooler that allows increased overload and extends transformer life.

The ForZair HeatSink cooler can be installed on a transformer quickly to immediately reduce the temperature of the dielectric cooling oil. With its small footprint, low profile and quick-connect hoses, the ForZair HeatSink cooler can be transferred easily from one overloaded substation to another, providing quick relief when needed.

The ForZair line of coolers feature Unifin's Mono-Aluminum Extruded Fin-Tubes and what the company claims to be the industry"s best plate fin technology, both of which provide optimal heat transfer efficiency and durability. The ForZair HeatSink coolers use Cardinal Transformer Oil pumps, with a glandless design that prevents leaks in demanding transformer oil applications.  

To augment cooling on 1Mva to 60 Mva OA, FA or FOA transformers these portable coolers come ready for fully self-contained operations. 

The skid-mounted package is mounted on a durable frame designed for easy lifting by forklift or overhead crane.

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