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Environmentally considerate lubrication

Published:  07 August, 2007

Shell lubricants companies have expanded their Shell Naturelle range to spearhead a major focus on developing Environmentally Considerate Lubricants (ECLs).  Each of the products within the range demonstrates good technical performance, along with a high level of biodegradability and low ecotoxicity, to help minimise its impact on the environment.

The range, which has been expanded from Shell Naturelle Hydraulic Fluids (the Shell Naturelle HF range), now includes chain (Shell Naturelle Chain Fluid SM) and gear (Shell Naturelle Gear Fluid EP) lubricants as well as an environmentally considerate grease (Shell Naturelle Grease EP ).

Frederic Farshchi, global industrial product marketing manager at Shell Lubricants commented: "The Shell Naturelle range can achieve the technical performance of conventional mineral oil based products, while retaining their high biodegradability and low ecotoxicity characteristics, allowing companies to get strong performance while meeting their environmental obligations.

All of the lubricants within the Shell Naturelle range have a high level of biodegradability, meaning that the product will be rapidly broken down by micro-organisms, and low ecotoxicity, helping to minimise the lubricant's impact on the environment in the event of a spillage. 

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