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Strapping and wrapping equipment made affordable

Published:  27 August, 2007

Cyklop UK - suppliers of strapping equipment - has joined forces with financial services provider Bibby Leasing to offer cost-effective equipment rental service for customers.

The scheme is applicable to Cambridgeshire-based Cyklop UK's entire range of strapping machinery and hand tools, stretch wrapping machines, plus binding and taping equipment.

It will enable customers to maximise their cash flow by retaining capital within their businesses, instead of having to make significant upfront investment in capital goods.

Packages for both 24 and 36 months are available, with or without Cyklop maintenance support, with low monthly payments which may be tax deductable.

And because all finance is provided via an independent company rather than a bank, the traditional restrictions imposed by banks on their companies with regard to finance and borrowing do not apply - customers can access all the equipment and finance they need directly through Cyklop.

It also in effect offers the opportunity to trial products on a medium-term basis to assess long-term need, without the issues associated with machine ownership.

David Hearn, managing director of Cyklop UK commented: "The new rental scheme is set to prove highly attractive to companies of any size, who require new equipment but are unwilling or unable to find the capital required.

“Renting protects customers against inflation, as they can access equipment as soon as they need it rather than having to budget for a future capital purchase by which time the same item may have increased.

“Also because customers are renting rather than purchasing, they can make payments from their revenue budget rather than increasing demands on an already pressurised capital pot.

“We anticipate particular interest from companies who wish to upgrade their equipment, for example from manual strapping to automatic tools or systems.”

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