Plant & Works Engineering

Conveyor project completed

Published:  13 August, 2007

A 550,000 goods handling system at a 30,000m national distribution centre in Northamptonshire operated by Exel for Mothercare has been completed by European Conveyor Systems Ltd (ECS).

The NDC, which includes some 14,000 pallet racking locations and a mezzanine with a 6000m footprint, operates 24 hours a day five days a week in order to supply all Mothercare's 227 stores throughout the UK.

ECS was appointed to design and install a conveyor system to deliver in-coming boxes to the storage and racking and also to install a number of goods lifts to move products from floor to floor. Provision has been made for cardboard cartons and plastic tote boxes in various sizes and weights up to 25kg.

In addition to the conveyor system, ECS also installed four goods-only lifts capable of carrying up to four pallets at a time with a total weight of 2000kg between the ground and three mezzanine levels.  The lift cars each have a light curtain, wooden wear strips at three levels and two PIR sensors, which actuate a stop sequence if they detect movement within the car.  The lifts installed do not require a pit, so no civil engineering work was required.

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