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Increased handling efficiency at Saint-Gobain

Published:  08 August, 2007

Industrial Corporation, Saint-Gobain, specialises in the design, production and distribution of materials for the construction, industrial and consumer markets including well-known trade names such as Jewson and Graham builders' merchants.

The group has a total of 2550 Linde trucks and 70% of the fleet is operated at Jewson"s and Grahamís various locations around the UK, handling pallets of bricks, plasterboard, sand and timber. At Saint-Gobain environmental issues are taken seriously - its objective is to make products that will help save energy for the future and support the environment. This commitment extends to suppliers.

The fleet is varied but the majority of trucks operating within the group are H 30 D the Linde diesel counterbalance truck with its hydrostatic transmission. Saint-Gobain selected Linde as its preferred supplier for improved productivity but also for the environmental and health considerations that influence the design of the products.

Employers have a duty to protect their employees from excessive human vibrations, and Linde introduced its first vibration protection initiative more than 20 years ago. Today, Linde forklift trucks are designed to comply with all EU directives. The Linde suspension system isolates the operatorís cabin from the mast and drive axle and, similarly, the tilt cylinders are isolated from the overhead guard, guaranteeing a very low vibration impact.

Linde diesel engines with direct injection are economical and the H 25 D also achieved only 17% of the threshold level for soot emissions. The hydrostatic drive requires neither brakes nor clutch creating a smoother drive, which ultimately means less energy and less CO≤ emissions.

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