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Latest efficient compressor solution

Published:  19 July, 2007

CompAir has introduced its new L80 lubricated screw compressor.  The machine is an extension of CompAir's 75 kW class and claims to give users over 7% more air (14.72m3/min) while maintaining a lower power input. Other tangible benefits include low operation costs, reduced noise levels, a small footprint and easy maintenance.

The L80 incorporates the premium EK230 air end and an IP55 energy saving motor.  Coupled with much lower rotational speeds the result is an increase in efficiency and energy savings of up to 8%.

The L80 also delivers low noise levels of just 69dB(A). Coupled with the small footprint, this means that the compressor does not need to be relegated to a distant compressor house, but can be located right next to the air"s point of use which will reduce pipework and the chances of leaks and pressure drops.

Speaking on the benefits of the new L80, Jeremy Sykes from CompAir highlighted: "The new L80 compressor offers greater performance for the same input as a typical 75kW machine.  To get this kind of performance users would until now have needed to buy a larger machine having in excess of a 30% larger footprint, and higher power usage. With the L80’s motor qualifying for the government’s enhanced capital allowance due to its super efficiency, it is an extra incentive to buy not just on performance but satisfy the environmental agenda too.”

Other benefits of the new L80 include advanced electronic controls which combine efficient monitoring with a user-friendly menu, superior access for maintenance through large hinged doors and an effective cooling air filter which keeps the unit clean and assures the long life of all filters.

As an optional benefit, the L80 can be fitted with an energy recovery module which takes heat produced in the compression process and reuses it elsewhere in the factory, say for heating water.  This can lead to significant savings.  For example, it can heat 1200 litres of water per hour, up to 65°C which would lead to annual savings of nearly £8000 based on 2000 running hours.  The L80 can also be supplied with a built-in dryer giving a true integrated compressed air solution in a very compact space.

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