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Voice sounders help eliminate confusion

Published:  07 June, 2007

Klaxon Signals has expanded its Sonos and Nexus Range of fire alarms to include new voice enhanced variants. The voice sounders, launched at Fire Expo 2007, combine normal sounder signals with a clear, synchronised voice message to help reduce confusion and distress during an active alarm.

The Sonos voice enhanced sounders are available as single or multi message fire alarms. The single message unit transmits messages over a two wire connection, the outgoing message dependent on the position of the negative cable. An option to select up to three messages is available with additional wiring for industrial applications.

The multi message Sonos voice sounder relays up to four 'alert', ‘test", ‘evacuate’ and ‘all clear’ announcements which are selected from an extensive library of messages. An interface control unit switches between messages so only one pair of wires is used in each circuit and retrofitting to existing installations requires no additional cabling costs.

Single and multi message options are integrated into one unit with the Nexus voice sounder. The pre-programmed Nexus interface may also be directly linked to extinguishant control panels and function as a gas extinguishant alarm in gas systems. Warnings of imminent gas release are announced without the need for extra wiring.

All Nexus voice sounders have a USB interface that allows special messages in WAV format to be downloaded onto the sounder from any PC, providing users with the flexibility of adding/removing messages in-house.

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