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New low-maintenance carousel takes the ups and downs

Published:  24 June, 2007

Handling specialist Geo Robson has introduced a friction-drive 'incline or flat' carousel that can negotiate changes in level - and needs little or no maintenance.

Eighteen months in development, it is quieter and consumes less power than the conventional chain-driven 'caterpillar' type, which the company will manufacture in future only on request to replace or complement existing systems.

The new carousel is expected to find applications in a wide range of contexts where products must be re-circulated or stored temporarily during processing.

Because it derives its motive force from a single continuous belt rather than a metal chain with numerous mechanical connections, Robson's friction drive carousel is less likely to fail and, in the event of breakdown, can be replaced quickly and easily.  There is also no need for periodic lubrication and tensioning.

The same modular philosophy lies behind all aspects of the design, which makes extensive use of off-the-shelf parts manufactured from moulded plastics and other advanced engineering materials that can be held in stock at no great cost and fitted with minimal downtime.

Manufacturing has also been simplified, slashing the lead-time that was required for the chain-driven design.

The Robson friction drive carousel is available in a range of durable and attractive finishes, including galvanised, powder-coated and stainless steel, and is supported by the company's comprehensive product backup service.

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