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Decanter service and repair

Published:  21 June, 2007

If your decanter centrifuge breaks down or needs servicing, you need it back in service quickly.  Centriquip is the UK's largest manufacturer of decanter centrifuges and provides a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for all decanters, whatever the make.

Neil Lacey head of after sales service for Centriquip comments:  "It doesn"t matter what make of equipment you are running - Centriquip, Flottweg, Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Hiller, Guinard, etc. – we can service it, repair it and provide a 24-hour breakdown service.” Added:  “Being UK based, we are often less expensive than the original equipment manufacturer and can have you up and running much faster.”

Centriquip says it can handle any type of centrifuge repair: scroll repairs such as tip rebuild, re-flighting or re-tiling; gearbox repairs; hydraulic rotodiff repairs and re-balancing.  The company also provides a comprehensive 'on-site’ maintenance service using the latest monitoring equipment for vibration and bearing temperature to prevent unscheduled maintenance, avoid unnecessary work and predict when servicing will be required.

Working within a service contract allows Centriquip to build up a history for every machine and match the service schedules to its needs. Lacey explains: “Every machine is different. Our aim is to keep equipment running efficiently without unnecessary stoppages. The more we know about each machine, the better we can do that.”

Centriquip supplies a wide range of decanter centrifuges, bowl type centrifuges and thickening equipment for waste water treatment across industry.

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