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Respiratory protection range marks ten years

Published:  20 June, 2007

3M developed the 9300 series disposable particulate respirator ten years ago to help protect the respiratory health of people exposed to particulate hazards in the workplace such as dusts, mists and metal fume. Today, the 9300 series respirator from 3M incorporates a host of features that the company says continue to make it one of industry's leading disposable respirators.

Featuring a three-panel design, the 9300 respirator moulds easily to a wide range of face sizes and shapes, and flexes with jaw movements to allow for easy communication and an extremely comfortable fit.

The high-performance filter media allows for easy breathing whilst the integral Cool Flow exhalation valve channels moisture and heat from exhaled breath away from the face, reducing build-up of humidity inside the respirator, and keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

The respirator is available with FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 protection levels to suit different applications, with each protection level having an indicative colour-coded headband that provides easy, instant identification.

The low-profile design of the respirator ensures a good field of vision and reduces the risk of misting of protective eyewear. Each respirator is individually packaged and folds flat for hygienic, convenient storage.

Vikki Nash, product manager at 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Products said: "When the wearing of PPE is deemed necessary in the workplace it is crucial to select comfortable, compatible products that workers will wear for the entire duration of their exposure to potentially hazardous substances. If PPE obstructs vision, dexterity, communication, doesn"t fit correctly or is just plain uncomfortable, it may be cast aside after a while or even not worn at all, which could result in dire consequences for the worker and for the business.

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