Plant & Works Engineering

New diverter range

Published:  26 May, 2007

Vortex is launching the Vortex Wye Line Diverter, which benefits from a modular construction and a blade and seal slide mechanism. The hard polymer seals are protected from blast abrasion, self-clean on the opening stroke and self-compensate for wear during their long lifespan.

There is no need to shut off the blower when operating the valve and, when compared with a flapper-type diverter, the Wye Line typically loses almost 2000 times less air through leakage. The result is increased process efficiency.

The Wye Line is claimed to be easy to fit and makes multi-way distribution systems simple to plan and install. The diverter can be provided in 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4 configurations and they can be connected together to offer an almost unlimited number of permutations of system routings.

Designed specifically for conveying system pressures of 1bar and below. They can be supplied individually, or as part of skid mounted, multi-point diverter packages, assembled and commissioned at the factory.

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