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Red dot design award

Published:  05 May, 2007

Flir Systems' InfraCAM has been awarded the "red dot design award” in the product design category.

The annual red dot design award spans various categories and is one of the most coveted design prizes worldwide. A total of 2548 products from 43 countries participated in the 2007 competition. Selection criteria are, amongst others: degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability, ecological compatibility and clarity of function.

Flir Systems InfraCAM is a compact infrared camera that is light, easy to use and can be operated intuitively. The InfraCAM is a portable infrared camera that measures temperatures of objects and takes 'heat images" based on the heat radiation that is emitted by every object, converting the thermal images into a standard electronic format. The InfraCAM is mainly used to look for overheated electrical and mechanical components, as well as for insulation problems and water damage in buildings.

The InfraCAM design is said to merge functionality, ease of use, versatility, compactness and ruggedness. User requirements have been integrated into the design process to optimize the user interface and the large display.

A consistent ergonomic product design makes the InfraCAM suitable for a one-hand operation. According to Flir the strong red-black colour pattern adds to the product’s personality.

The award ceremony will take place on June 25, 2007 in the Aalto Musiktheater in Essen, Germany. The InfraCAM will be presented together with other award-winning products in a special exhibition and placed in the red dot design museum, the largest exhibition of contemporary design worldwide.




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