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Shutterless thermal imaging

Published:  24 May, 2007

Thermoteknix has launched an Alpha Silicon based Focal Plane Array thermal imaging camera with shutterless XTi technology. The MIRICLE 110KS with XTi is an ultra-compact uncooled (unstabilized) solid-state high resolution infrared camera, delivering 'Never Blind' thermal imaging.

The camera is designed without a shutter or any moving parts to interrupt vision at critical moments and is unaffected by shock or vibration.

Continuous high resolution thermal imaging from the very instant the camera is switched on with no image deterioration with time or ambient temperature change. The removal of the shutter and associated motor, gears and control mean that MIRICLE cameras with XTi technology are also smaller, lighter and lower power consuming, a major benefit to all portable and size critical applications.

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The camera is designed without a shutter

The camera is designed without a shutter