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New range of gas and oil burners

Published:  26 May, 2007

Riello Burners has added new models to its R-Series (RS - Gas, RL - Oil) product range.

The first of the new burners to be launched in the UK are the RS and RL, 34 and 44 models which are available for both gas and oil firing, and 2 new low NOx gas burner models, the RS25/M BLU and RS35/M BLU. 

The RS34 and RS44 gas burners will be available for 1-stage (On/Off), 2-stage(High/Low) and fully modulating operation, while the RL34 and RL44 oil burners will be offered in 1‑stage and 2-stage versions.

Through the implementation of new manufacturing materials and production techniques, it has been possible to reduce the physical size and weight of the burners, while at the same time increasing the output capacity.  In addition, the RS and RL, 34 and 44 models which will be replacing the current RS and RL, 28 and 38 burners, will also offer a cost saving.

The RS25/M BLU and RS35/M BLU gas burners complete the low NOx gas burner portfolio, and means that Riello now offer any output from 15 kW to 12,000 kW with low NOx emission capability.  These burners are offered for fully modulating operation, and can also be configured for 2-stage operation.

The new models have all been principally designed for use in hot or superheated water boilers, hot air or steam generators, or thermal oil boilers, but can equally also be offered for light process applications.

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