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Published:  26 April, 2007

Monitran - manufacturer of vibration sensors - is launching three new MultiSelect units, it was recently announced at Maintec exhibition.

The MultiSelect SC (self-contained), SB (switchbox) and RC (remote control) units can be used in a variety of configurations, giving manual access to up to 256 accelerometers and remote access to considerably more. They simplify site wiring when used to monitor industrial and plant processes, are ideal for implementing vibration-based predictive maintenance and can be accessed from a PC.

The self-contained (SC) unit has a control panel and switching circuitry. It has inputs for up to 16 standard accelerometers, a control knob to select one of the 16 inputs, an industry standard 4-20mA output, an AC + bias output (available via the unit's connector pins and a BNC on the control panel), an RS-485 interface connection and a digital display.

The MultiSelect SB (switchbox) is effectively the switching circuitry of the SC unit, and the MultiSelect RC (remote control) is effectively the control panel of the SC unit. The two can be separated and then connected via a proprietary 4-wire interface.

Multiple MultiSelect SB units can be daisy-chained together via the 4-wire interface to build a network of MultiSelect units. In total, up to 15 switchbox (SB) units can be controlled by a self-contained (SC) unit, and up to 16 SB units can be controlled by a remote control (RC) unit. Either configuration would give access to the aforementioned 256 sensors.

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