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GAMBICA and BEAMA announce office co-location

Published:  05 November, 2015

Representing industries with over £20 billion of turnover in the electrotechnical, instrumentation and automation sectors, GAMBICA and BEAMA have announced their co-location in a shared office in Westminster, London.

The two trade associations are both engaged in UK and European activities and are keen to use as much of its funding as possible representing its industries.

The organisations see co-location and the sharing of back-office administration as the optimum way of maintaining their distinct sector focus while freeing up funds to be used on active programmes.

BEAMA CEO Dr Howard Porter called the strategic partnership "a logical progression for two like-minded organisations which both have to understand, interpret and shape European and UK standardisation and political activity".

GAMBICA CEO Dr Graeme Philp added: "It makes perfect sense for trade associations to use this ‘hub' approach to operations. We can seamlessly share finance, technical and marketing services along with the cost of premises, but most important of all our members benefit from the pooling of our collective knowledge and expertise to ensure a stronger voice with Government and other industry stakeholders".

The combined BEAMA and GAMBICA office is located at Westminster Tower, 3 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SL