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New vibration protection equipment

Published:  23 April, 2007

Condition monitoring specialist Sensonics chose Maintec to launch its new SIL2 rated Fan or Centrifuge Protection with DN2611 Dual Channel Vibration Protection Monitor.

The DN2611 is a high-performance signal conditioning unit designed to provide protection for many types of rotating machinery including centrifuges, fans, gearboxes, motors, pumps, compressors and conveyors etc.

Rotating elements are subjected, by the very nature of their operational requirements, to heavy wear and tear during their working life and if not maintained and monitored correctly can present a considerable safety risk.

Supplying SIL rated systems according to IEC61508, the DN2611 is suitable for both simplex and duplex monitoring arrangements.  Analysis of both these configurations has been carried out by Sensonics using a DN2611 monitor and PZS4 accelerometer combination.  For the simplex arrangement, the company used a single transducer, which was driven from the monitor; the duplex arrangement used two parallel channels with a logical OR decision on both alarm trip outputs.

Small in size and DIN rail mountable, the DN2611 will fit comfortably into equipment panels with other instrumentation or locally, fitted to the monitoring machine in a junction box.

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