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EEF exhibits new Lean Academy at Cranfield University’s National Manufacturing Debate

Published:  20 May, 2015

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, is exhibiting its new Lean Academy at Cranfield University’s National Manufacturing Debate. The move will enable manufacturers to test out the Academy’s equipment for themselves and to understand how market-leading Lean techniques could transform their business.

Lean is a business-model and management approach geared around continuously improving processes and efficiency, leading to greater productivity. It has been readily adopted by industry heavy-weights such as Caterpillar. However, many mid-sized and SME manufacturers assume this world-class technique is out of their reach.

EEF’s Lean Academy levels the playing field, allowing smaller companies to access and learn the game-changing methods and boost their efficiency and growth.

It is built around a full-scale, configurable and transportable modular assembly line, which can be reconfigured daily to challenge a company’s employees as they work through a 12 day programme. This makes the exercises real-to-life and relevant to the individual business. The content of the Academy is bespoke, making it even easier for employees to apply the techniques successfully in their workplace.

Dr Steve Chicken CEng MIED, manufacturing growth director at EEF, says: “This event is about promoting continued, long-term manufacturing growth so it makes absolute sense for us to be here talking to companies about Lean.

“Lean can transform businesses, providing manufacturers with game-changing techniques to boost efficiency and growth. These techniques are already being used by larger companies and our mission is to now make them accessible to smaller and mid-sized firms too. We’re looking forward to demonstrating the difference Lean can make and ensuring even more manufacturers are able to take full advantage of the opportunities it presents.”

Cranfield University’s annual event is now in its 6th year and brings together manufacturing professionals to discuss key industry challenges and to promote cross-sector collaboration to enable continued and long-term growth.