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Scotland rejects Independence
Published:  19 September, 2014

“The decision of the Scottish people is nothing short of a relief and good news for the rest of the UK”, commented Terry Scuoler, chief executive of EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, on the results of the vote for Scottish Independence.

He added that it was a victory for common sense and a recognition of the economic realities of the world in which we live: “Business will be relieved that the uncertainty is now over and can get on with the day job of generating growth and creating jobs. Government must act on its promises and quickly start to implement the devolution proposals that have been put forward and rebuild trust and confidence.

“The debate has clearly stirred up considerable passions which will take some time to heal. In the interests of Scotland, and the rest of the UK, all parties must work together as closely as possible towards the essential reconciliation that now needs to take place.”