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Drive solution

Published:  30 November, 1999

Air compressor control specialist EnergAir has partnered with inverter drive manufacturer KEB to develop an integrated compressor control and management package that is being made available to both end users and compressed air distributors. Designed to work with the majority of both new and installed screw compressors, the package offers improved control and management in addition to dramatically reduced energy consumption.

The EnergAir / KEB solution means that end users operating one or more fixed speed air compressor are now able to buy in an optimum energy saving solution without the capital outlay of a completely new VSD air compressor, and ensure that the new variable speed feature will work with virtually any existing installation regardless of age or brand.

The advantage of the EnergAir / KEB drive upgrade for existing compressors is that it can easily be integrated into an advanced EnergAir control system designed to help manage and maximise energy savings in multiple compressor installations.

EnergAir and KEB software and hardware engineers have worked closely over the last twelve months to integrate the EnergAir control and compressor management software with the VSD motor control parameters.

Matt Handley managing director of KEB in the UK explained: "The KEB drives range spans from 0.37kW through to 800kW and so comfortably covers the usual 50kW to 200kW range of most screw type compressors. 

Payback periods typically range from six to eighteen months depending on the size of the installation and the operating schedule; most large installations tend to run 24hrs and show shorter payback periods.

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