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New generation of compact blower units

Published:  30 April, 2007

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik were the first blower manufacturer to design a compact unit in 1960 and it has been developing this type of unit ever since. Delta Blower Generation 5 is therefore the fifth generation of Aerzen Compact blower units. 

The sound levels have been reduced by 6 - 8 dBA and in some single cases even lower reductions have been achieved. Special acoustic hoods will now only be required for extremely low specifications.

During development one of the first considerations was ease of positioning and installation - all units can be manoeuvred using either a pallet truck or forklift.

One of the most important advantages of the new Delta Blower is that the oil level can be checked from the outside of the unit - even when the unit is running.

Mounted on the end of the blower shaft, a mechanical fan is used to ventilate the acoustic hood. Without the need for an electrically driven fan additional installation and energy costs are saved. ATEX Compliant - The fan fully complies with all the requirements of ATEX therefore expensive ex-proof motors are not needed.

Absorption material which is subject to degradation has not been used in any part of the assembly. The discharge silencer which is part of the base unit is totally reactive and the sound level is reduced by deflecting the air flow within the silencer.

The downstream system will remain free from contamination when it is used for pneumatic conveying of bulk food materials and the integrity of the food stuff is guaranteed. Similarly sewage aeration systems cannot become blocked and costly maintenance expenditure is avoided.

The Generation 5 Delta Blowers have been designed to use minimal floor space, and have the facility to be installed "side by side" - the smaller units have reduced dimensions.

Overall the manufacturer says this represents a considerable space saving and lower facility costs.

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