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Technology showcase at Hannover

Published:  30 May, 2007

Boge recently exhibited at the Hannover Fair, Germany, showcasing a range of product developments.

On-going product development at Boge recently demonstrated that even excellent product performance can be improved upon. Significant improvements in the free air delivery of the popular C and CL, 2.2 to 7.5 W, series of screw compressors has allowed more compressed air to be created without any additional power required across the entire range.

Boge says recent ISO 1217 (Appendix C) tests proved the value of the on-going development showing significant increase in FAD and an equally noticeable improvement in specific power characteristics. According to the manufacturer, this increase in FAD now makes the Boge C and CL series the best in their drive range.

Boge presented the latest S Series range at HMI which represent optimum efficiency and dependability through the industry power range to 250 kW.

Generating absolutely oil-free compressed air is a prerequisite in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. Boge has further expanded its oil-free product portfolio to include a number of smaller drive options to meet the growing demand from the smaller oil-free compressed air user. The K series oil-free piston compressor range includes a compact layout and an innovatively designed drive, where the lifting piston operates horizontally on a push rod principle which rotates like a screw.

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