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Dissolved oxygen monitoring

Published:  16 March, 2007

Six novel dissolved oxygen meters, one for each of the huge generators at Drax Power Station, have been supplied by Camlab Ltd - sole UK distributors for Swan Analytical Instruments. Close monitoring of dissolved oxygen in the de-ionised water used to cool the generators is necessary to protect against corrosion of the cooling systems in a power station that supplies 7% of the UK's electricity demand.

The specially engineered version of the Swan Oxysafe dissolved oxygen meter has been developed between Drax Power Station and Swan Systems Engineering (Uster, Switzerland) to solve Drax's monitoring requirements. The custom-built unit incorporates a redesigned flow cell with an in-line pressure regulator to maintain constant pressure in the system and prevent bubble formation.

Conventional dissolved oxygen meters are unable to handle the dissolved oxygen range required, from trace (ppb) levels, to saturated (ppm) concentrations, partly due to the formation of bubbles in the measuring cell. Reliability at high concentrations and low concentrations is an essential requirement for the monitoring technology.

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Camlab Ltd provide a custom engineering solution to dissolved oxygen monitoring at Drax