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Maintenance Seminar Theatre set the scene for Plant & Asset Management 2018
Published:  04 April, 2018

The Maintenance Seminar Theatre, sponsored by Ultimo Software Solutions, located within The Plant & Asset Management Exhibition, taking place at the NEC, Birmingham between the 10-12th April (co-located alongside Smart Industry Expo, Drives & Controls, Air-Tech, and Fluid Power & Systems) will feature a free comprehensive programme of technical seminars with speakers offering expert specific insight and practical advice on important and topical issues concerning today’s maintenance professionals.

The Plant & Asset Management 2018 free seminars will include a cross section of topics. For example UE Systems’ seminar examines airborne & structure-borne ultrasound as a key component to predictive maintenance. This presentation will provide an overview of ultrasound technology and how it continues to enhance predictive maintenance, equipment reliability, and energy conservation applications.

The University of Manchester on the other hand will be highlighting the use of operational deflection shape (ODS) analysis to solve vibration problems. Vibration-based condition monitoring (VCM) is well-known and well-accepted industrial tool to identify the detect/defects in any machines.

SPM Instrument will be presenting a seminar that deals with accurate condition monitoring of ultra-low and low speed machines. The presentation will show you how to help secure your production capacity and cut big costs out of your maintenance budget.

While RMS – Reliability Maintenance Solutions’ seminar is set to discuss visualising vibration. The company will give an overview of Motion amplification - a breakthrough technology using non-contact optical sensors to measure vibration on machines and structures. It is unprecedented in vibration analysis technologies and adds a new dimension to any problem solving of bodies undergoing motion. Using video playback in near real time of the subject, the user can quickly understand issues at their root cause.

The seminar will ultimately position Motion Amplification’s place in the existing Condition Monitoring and Reliability maintenance strategy, and how it is being implemented now and how it is emerging within maintenance strategies as well as exploring the impact and value behind video based data for reliability engineering.

The variety of seminars at The Maintenance Seminar Theatre also includes JBC’s presentation on the benefits of the modern burner, such as low NOx levels, energy efficiency, cost savings and technological advancements such as economic and ecological factors, as well as safety features and easy servicing. The seminar will also bring in its relevance to MCPD legislation. There will also be examples of case studies to demonstrate the technical advancements, including converting from the old mechanical versions to the new modern version and the difference in the workings and benefits of the modern burners compared to the old ones.

This is just a snap shot of a few of the seminar topics being presented in The Maintenance Seminar Theatre at the 2018 Plant & Asset Management Exhibition.

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